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DOC 234—34/2

Every search you make brings a new life to the map.While the map itself is being updated regularly, for each person who uses the map independently, the map is actually fading in each their memory when not used for a long time. Every search we do is refreshing the clarity of the map in our memory and our perspective. If all the human stop using the map, then even the updated map will lose its life.

Just like walking in the desert, the footprints of the places we just walked through are clear, but as time passes, the blowing sand will gradually cover the footprints, and only the newest footprints will be clear. But if at the same time, someone else walks over the path that has just been covered, the footprints will become clear again.

So in this project, on this joshua tree map, every time someone searches for a location, the system refreshes with a real-time shared video or image from that location. Each shared real time image is a refresh of the map's life force. The flowing pixelated visuals also represent the passing and refreshing of the life force.

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