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When a logistics system works

Not only the goods that are being transported

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In ancient China, if you needed to sell tea from the south to the north, you had to go through long roads, which made transportation difficult and costly. This required a lot of trust between people.

Even in modern society, with a very developed transportation system, when the buyer receives the goods, it is still necessary to inspect the goods to complete the closed loop of trust transfer.

But in ancient China, there is a special kind of tea: brick tea. for this, after a long transportation, the buyer's way of checking the quality is to touch the "Chuan" mark on the tea bricks, and this trust build on the brand takes over directly from the trust built up during the transportation.

In the transportation of a product, trust is mainly transferred among several angles: between the seller and the buyer, between the seller and the transportation party, and between the transportation party and the buyer.

Therefore, I designed this exhibition space to show the establishment and change of trust between different angles in the transportation process through different heights and the proximity to the middle area which is the huge brick tea.