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Novel-Everlasting Jellyfish
DOC 234—34/2

chapter 1: Cutting out the roots

"Wow, it's really unlucky. I don't know how many times this month this has happened. Do you think we can still survive if we do this? I feel like my hair is falling out more and more."

P53 glanced at P52's already thinning hair: "Stop complaining, aren't you doing this just because you are anxious for money? It's just..." He won't see Luna for a long time, P53 thought to himself, "Stop thinking too much, hurry up, hurry up ending"

As he spoke, the two staff members wearing full radiation suits quickly dug out the last two magnetroots and quickly inserted them into their side bags.

"P53 reports, P53 reports, D-06 area has been cleared, D-06 area has been cleared, please update the area status"

In a dark room with full of people far away in Area A-01, employee number C31, sitting in the corner near the door, successfully received this message in his earphone: "C31 has received it, and the electromagnetic communication in the D-06 area has been restored. Normal, please bring the cleaned magnetic root grass and its roots back to area A-03 as quickly as possible. Facebook Lab has cleared the "Zhang Fei" area to accept this batch of magnetic root grass."

"P53 has received it. All the magnetic root grass has been brought back to the Facebook laboratory by P53 drone. Please accept it."

"Facebook "Zhang Fei Z-07" received"

"Thank you P52 and P53 for their contribution to the "Eradication" operation. Please return to the rest area safely. The jellyfish gift box is ready. Please receive the reward. Have a happy rest."

"P53 received, wish turning on the lights soon"

"P52 received, wish turning on the lights soon"

After saying that, the indicators of P52 and P53 in front of C31 turned green, and C31 entered: 179 eradication operations were completed. Location: D06. Date: Facebook Calendar 01-078. Wish turning on the lights soon.

P53 returned to the rest area of A-03-17, walked into the isolation room, sprayed disinfectant on the radiation protection suit, and cleaned the front and back. Then P53 walked into the next room, and 8 robotic arms helped him take off the protection. After taking the clothes, a robotic arm helped him put on a breathing mask, and then a huge rain head sprinkled liquid full of traditional Chinese medicine smell. After 5 minutes, P53 left the shower room and entered the next room, which was a sauna room on the left side of the room. There is a bathtub with water already in it. If you look carefully, there is some silver light in the water. There are also some beautifully packaged products delicately placed on the chair next to them, with "Jellyfish" written on them.

P53 skillfully dismantled all the exquisitely arranged product packaging boxes, took out the oral liquid, bath essence and other items inside, and packed them in a radiation-proof bag with a change of clothes on the side. The clothes inside were placed aside casually. After doing all this, he slowly walked to the bathtub and sat in it. The warm water instantly enveloped his body, finally relaxing his suppressed nerves. He slowly exhaled and looked at the timer on the right. He could not leave here until he had soaked for 20 minutes. He saw When the timer started, P53 glanced at the packed jellyfish gift box and finally closed his eyes.

He was really too tired, maybe because of the radiation from Magnetroot, or maybe because too many things had happened recently, which made him feel physically and mentally exhausted. Although he didn't believe that this "jellyfish" brand drug could help him reduce the damage caused by radiation. He was not a chemical genius, but he still roughly understood the principles of radiation. How could the half-life of particles appear in Magnetroot? It happened that humans broke through the research problem and shortened it successfully. But even if it couldn't change the damage caused by radiation, it was still very comfortable to soak in a hot bath. He closed his eyes and began to think about the past two months of life like a revolving door in his mind.

Sometimes the world changes suddenly in an instant. Maybe you fall asleep and when you open your eyes, you no longer recognize the world in front of you. This is the world where P53 lives.

chapter 2: A world with lights out

A year ago, a hacker group named "Burning" suddenly invaded the government's CCTV system with high profile, and at the same time invaded all public electronic screens in the city. It released a video: "We will implement "turning off the lights" in 7 days. "Plan to protect our own privacy rights and dignity. We have repeatedly warned the government to stop the stupid "Future Paradise" plan, which uses false justice as a cover to steal our private data through CCTV and use it according to their plans. standards, using non-public data to judge whether our actions are correct or not! In view of the fact that many consultations with the government have failed, we decided to officially implement the "Lights Off Plan". We are willing to give everyone a chance to start over, and everyone who joins Anyone who joins the "Lights Off Plan" will have your negative points cleared. After 7 days, every mobile phone that has been upgraded to the latest system can join the "Lights Off Plan" by turning on the flash.

As soon as this video was released, prompts to update the system appeared on all smartphones, and there was a heated discussion on the Internet. Many people are already dissatisfied with the ubiquitous CCTV, just as they were dissatisfied with the overly subjective police system.

About 200 years ago, human biological science developed rapidly, and chip materials and technologies also broke through the problem of bio-friendliness. Identity IDs changed from cards to implantable chips. These chips can be paired with DNA to ensure the uniqueness of the ID. The uniqueness of individual human beings and respect for life were once again emphasized, and multiple incidents of police abuse of power and injuries were repeated. Almost at the same time, the government finally passed a proposal to abolish the police agency and prison system and instead use CCTV to identify and judge each person. Whether an individual's behavior violates the law and needs to be punished, or whether it deserves to be rewarded. Each person's ID chip has a points system, starting from 0, with green representing positive numbers and red representing negative numbers. The points will change according to a person's behavior under monitoring. As long as you live a normal life, your points will slowly increase. If you have positive behaviors such as acting bravely, a green mark will be added. If serious behavioral errors occur, points will be deducted and red/orange/yellow marks of varying lengths will appear. If there is a crime that was legally punishable by death, such as homicide, a black mark will appear. Different points recorded by ID will lead to different conveniences in life for this person. For example, the price of goods is divided into segments. People with high points can buy them cheaply, while those with low points may have to buy them at up to 2-3 times the original price. . But if a black mark appears, they will be blocked from everywhere and can only go to places controlled by the government and military every day to complete social services and receive necessary items for daily life.

Once the "Lights Off Plan" was launched, two types of people joined the plan without hesitation: one type was naturally dissatisfied with their every move being monitored, recorded and evaluated, while the second type was those with very low points. , and the vast majority of people with black marks. These people all made an appointment to join the "Lights Off Project" at the first opportunity. The government warns everyone that this is an illegal organization, and we hope you can join with caution, otherwise your points will be further affected. But those who already have a lot of negative marks certainly don't care about that. For a time, there was a crazy "turn off the lights" craze on the Internet and in real life, but most people were still dubious about this video without any warning, and no one wanted to have their points affected inexplicably.

Seven days later, most people woke up in the morning and did not feel the earth-shaking changes mentioned in the notice. However, the government felt this deeply. Almost no one went to the former social service points to serve! Many basic social projects require temporary hiring of new people to complete. This is not the worst. The worst thing is that after 7 days, the group of hacker groups seemed to have evaporated without any trace, but on the 8th day At the beginning, they were horrified to find that 70% of the surveillance areas in the city could no longer be seen, but the technicians sent to check said there was no problem with the machine. The only problem was that the signal reception was electromagnetic interference, but where did the interference come from? , everyone has no clue. Fortunately, the situation did not stagnate for too long. Micheal, the minister of the government’s biosecurity department, promptly recommended a bioengineering laboratory called Facebook. The founder of this laboratory was one of the core developers of chip ID.

With the help of Facebook, the government soon discovered that a large number of plants with magnetic roots were planted under the CCTV. This plant has a short growth cycle and can mature in just 7 days. Fortunately, the survival rate of this plant is not high due to the magnetic field of wireless signals, so not all CCTVs are affected. Facebook named this plant "Magnetroot". The tricky thing is that magnetic root grass does not emit any magnetism until it is fully mature, which makes cleaning up magnetic root grass very passive. However, misfortunes never come singly. It didn't take long for Facebook to discover that once the magnetroot matures, it contains radioactive elements that are enough to affect human health, making the cleanup work more difficult.

During this period, residents who did not participate in the "lights-off plan" found that although their daily lives did not seem to be affected, prices rose rapidly. The cost of living for residents with good points suddenly doubled. This impact Public support for the "burning" hacker organization has dropped rapidly. The opposition between those who participated in the lights-out organization and those who have not participated has become more and more obvious. The denunciation on the Internet has become more intense. At the same time, the pressure on the government has also increased. The public hopes that they can Find and stop this group of hackers as soon as possible and return to normal life.

P53 is a member who did not join the "Lights Out Project", but the difference is that he is a person with a black mark. He used to be a lawyer. While tracking down evidence for a case three years ago, he accidentally killed a suspect. Since then, not only has the case been left without a client, he has also lost his original job and needs to go to government offices every day. Complete the service at the service point to receive daily necessary food and items. The reason why he has not joined the "Lights Out Project" is because his professional habits and many years of experience as a lawyer prevent him from making decisions without fully grasping a situation, even everything seems like is better for him to join the "Lights Off Plan".