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Give Back Information from 3D to 2D

PLay with the INFORMATION from 3D to 2D by the Chinese Characters as Hieroglyphics.

The concept of “INFORMATION” is based on the existence of three concepts: communicator, medium, receiver. 

Chinese characters, as hieroglyphics, simplify the shape of reality items to form the Chinese language, so they are all roles as the communicator, medium and receiver of information.

The role of Chinese characters as a medium of language is unquestionable, while we default to applying this medium to a 3-Dimensional(3D) world, but the language text exists in a 2-Dimensional(2D) form. 

Chinese characters, as hieroglyphs, act as receivers of information by simplifying images in the 3D world into symbols in the 2D world, and then act as a medium to accomplish the transmission of 3D information in the 3D world.

So is it possible to transfer the information received from the 3D world back to the 2D world through the 2D Chinese characters and play with these information in 2D place?

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